The First Thing You Need To Achieve Success In Cryptocurrencies Is The Right Mindset


The Most Consistent Traders & Investors In History Follow Simple Psychological Rules. You Can Learn Them Too

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There are a lot of people who want to become successful traders and investors in Cryptocurrencies, but only few actually succeed.

It's not hard to see why so many fail at trading and investing. Most courses online don't focus on the right things, they just teach you how to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies without giving any practical advice on how to manage your mindset or emotions as an investor/trader.

The Investor & Trader Psychology course will help you master the mindset and strategies needed to become a successful investor and trader in Cryptocurrencies. You’ll learn how to overcome your fears, make smart decisions, avoid common mistakes, increase your confidence, and much more!

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Section 1:

In this section I set the stage for the entire course. I go over why trading and gambling are not the same. This distinction is important to know.

Section 2:

 You will get a crash course on Behavioral Economics, a topic central to understanding and analyzing trader and investor psychology. Including your own.

Section 3:

 I cover Neuroeconomics in which I show you the parts of the Brain that inform why we have make the investing and trading decisions that we do.

Section 4: 

Deep-Dive into Market psychology. Such As the madness of crowds, why the market is always right, Why most investors lose in most markets. I cover fear and greed and how it impacts the markets. You will learn of a phenomenon called Reflexivity and something very important that includes most investors in cryptocurrencies called Information cascades

Section 5:

I delve into the factors that influence trader and investor psychology. I also discuss the different types of investors and traders; they are not all the same.

Section 6:

I cover many different cognitive biases and common and not so common mistakes that will sabotage your trading and investing in any market, not just Cryptocurrencies.

Section 7: 

I cover Strategies and tactics to prime yourself for investing and trading. I give you clear advice on overcoming all of the mistakes and biases I discuss in the course.

Section 8: 

You will learn about trading plans and trading systems and how you can start creating them yourself and how they work together. Trading plans and trading systems are very important for the success of all investors and traders.

Section 9:

In this section I will introduce you to 5 meditations that you can use to help you get in the right state of mind when you are trading and investing in the Cryptocurrencies markets. These meditations can help you with your emotional states when the markets get you frazzled.  

Everything I teach you is based on research and from my own experience in over 20 years of trading the financial markets. I will go into some detail as to how all these biases and fallacies impact trading and investing. If I only knew the concepts I am presenting here, I wouldn't have made 90% of the mistakes I have made in my trading career, and trust me, they were BAD, like life-ruining bad.

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$157 Enroll Now For Only $77


Enroll Today!

$157 Enroll Now For Only $77