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NFTs have been all the rage for the last few years and there is no sign of them abating. When Cryptocurrencies collapsed, the NFT Market roared to life. It wasn't that people exited Cryptocurrencies, but, rather, they flocked to NFTs.  Sadly, most of the public did not care. But the thing is, everyone should care since NFTs are the future.

Here, take a look at this chart on the right:

This chart represents the growth of NFTs not only for this year, but several years out. Notice that the NFT market is growing at a steady clip, the Smart Money got in early and are still getting in. 

The public does not seem to be interested in NFTs. Why is that? Simply put, EDUCATION. They simply didn’t educate themselves on the proper way to enter the NFT markets. They just assume you need to be an artist to enter it. Or, that, it is too technical. Or worse, that it is a scam.

Look, NFTs aren’t going to vanish, they have already become a viable option for investors and artists alike. While cryptocurrencies are in a lull, now is the best time to start learning about NFTs.

I can already tell you what the smart money is doing. Can you guess?

They are getting in big! They are buying NFTs like crazy!

Imagine two versions of yourself, 2 years into the future. Maybe even just 1 year.

What would your life be like if you continued to ignore the NFT markets knowing that we are on the verge of something big right now?

What would life look like in 1 or 2 years if you educated yourself about them and followed the Smart people?

Every day that goes by is a wasted day. You won’t notice the time passing as the days go by. But, when you pull back and look at things from a 2-year perspective, you will see clearly just how much can change. Those who held on to their NFTs for the last 2 years are sitting pretty... VERY PRETTY now. They may not have when they first bought those NFTs, but when time passed, it was nearly like winning the lotto, and for some, it was their ticket to an early retirement.   

Looking at the span of 1-2 years, it’s easy to see how what you learn today can add up to something more tomorrow.

What you learn today about NFTs can make a huge impact not only on your long-term financial state, but even short term. Knowing how to navigate the NFT marketplace means knowing how to confidently participate in the future of technology.  Are you interested in having that knowledge?  

WTF IS AN NFT? will show you how to get yourself started in NFTs.

Introducing, WTF IS AN NFT? Video Course.

A Straightforward Guide To NFTs


WTF IS AN NFT? is the most practical, and effective course on NFTs currently on the market.  Each of the 55 lessons covers everything you need to know to navigate the NFT marketplace and will also teach you how to create your own NFTs even if you are not an artist.


In the 55 Videos You Will Learn:


Module 1: (9 Videos)

Introductory remarks and other introductory topics such as Blockchain Technology, Fungibility and what NFTs actually are and more 

Module 2: (3 Video)

The Technical side of NFTs (I break it down into bitesized chunks)

Module 3: (4 Videos)

You will learn about the tools needed to buy and sell NFTs

Module 4: (16 Videos)

You will learn how to buy and resell NFTs on different platforms. I show you LIVE EXAMPLES

Module 5: (8 Videos)

I will show you how you can create and sell your own NFTs even if you do not have any art of your own to sell. I provide LIVE EXAMPLES. (You don't need to be an artist)

Module 6 (12 Videos)

You will learn how to research NFT projects for potential investment. You will also learn how to spot NFTs before they take off. In addition, You will also learn how to protect yourself from NFT scams

Module 7 (2 Videos)

You will learn about Intellectual property and taxation as they apply to NFTs

Module 8 (1 Video)

The Future of NFTs 

What People Are Saying About My Other Courses

"This is the most complete and very informative course on Cryptocurrencies, I ever come across. I am only half way through and it is already leaps and bounds above anything else I have seen on the topic.  Baal is a great teacher."

"This course was amazing! Not only did it inform me but it changed how I think about Crypto. I can now actually speak to people about Cryptocurrencies without sounding like a complete idiot. And, I can actually use what I have learned."

At the end of the modules you will:

  • Have a full grasp of NFTs
  • Have the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about NFTs
  • All your Crypto wallets setup to buy and sell NFTs
  • Your confidence increased

All this with no overwhelm, ZERO FRUSTRATION.


NFTs are here to stay. It’s time to learn how this whole thing works and fits together once and for all.

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I am an international bestselling author, trader, and teacher based out of New York City. I have over 20 years of trading experience in markets such as stocks, foreign currencies, and commodities.  I specializes in financial trading in all major markets. I am the founder of Blockchain Immersive, a new educational company that provides a platform for new and aspiring traders, investors and students to learn about the world of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.




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